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Wash・Stain Removal

Whole wash Dirt spilled eat Collar wash Stain removal Stretch and dry
Wrinkles reduction Yellowing repair Mold removal Dirt sweat wash Water proof

Our carefully selected master craftsmen provide maintenance for our customer’s precious kimonos to keep them in top condition. Estimate is free. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Over dyeing Decoloration dye Color fixing Add pattern Scratch fixing
Fading Fixing Dye Gradation dyeing Metal processing Invisible mending

We can dye white cloth to a base color of your choice, or re-dye precious memorable cloths and bring your kimono back to life again. We can help you choose the best colors to use according to your ideal colors and the fabric’s characteristics.


Alteration Resize Neckpiece sewing Douura exchange Hakkake exchange
Embroidery fixing Add crest Obi repair Obi Nibushiki processing Rakuraku Komachi processing

We can also alter parts of your kimono, or take your kimono apart and change the entire tailoring. In order to express your body more beautifully, we suggest the tailoring of your kimono according to the purpose of use.

Making over

Rikyu bag Western bag One piece dress Isho clothes Sakior rag rug
Patchwork Noren curtain Overseas souvenir Interior goods

We can refresh or make-over important kimonos, memorable kimonos and/or a handed down obi. The methods of reproduction are vest. After remodeling your old kimono and obi, you can enjoy the new life of your kimono ensemble while still keeping the memories that come with it.