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Women’s Kimono

Komon Tumugi・Omeshi Iromuji Tsukesage Houmongi
Kuromontsuki Mohuku Hurisode Tomesode Yukata

The scene for which you will be wearing a kimono varies from client to client. We offer beautiful coordination and styling in accordance to the customer’s intended use and/or social occasion. Please ask us about our styles ranging from playful kimonos indulged with our original sense to our more classical patterned orthodox kimonos.

Men’s Kimono

Kuromontsuki Hakama Nagajuban Nagagi Haori
Omeshi Tabi Setta Haorihimo Kakuobi

Let us introduce the cutting edge of men’s kimonos with our stylish selection. We have excellent men’s kimonos ranging from simple and chic, to impressive and fashionable. We can suggest a suitable kimono for the occasion,such as the Montsuki Hakama which is worn for formal occasions, and much more.


-Kimono belt-

Nagoya Obi Kyoubukuro Obi Sharehukuro Obi Reisouhukuro Obi Hanhaba Obi
Hoso Obi Nibushiki Obi Kado Obi

A single obi belt can add a touch of color to your kimono,or be the main highlight of your ensemble. We have various obi belts ranging from “modernistic obi” to “traditional style obi” . At your request,we can recommend the best coordination of kimono and obi for the occasion.


-Long undergarments for kimono-

Shareyou Reisouyou Nibushiki Juban Han Juban Toreshirukku

Nagajuban is a key supportive element of the kimono and is selected to match the outer kimono according to the occasion.We recommend the washable nagajuban for ease of use.By varying your choice of nagajuban, you can  further the elegance or gorgeousness of your appearance.


-Practice wear for lesson-

Koyaku Yukata Nihon Buyou Onou Sadou Gakuyagi
Kitsuke Other general traditional lessons

Okeikogi is a reasonably priced and easy to handle kimono for those who attend Japanese cultural lessons. This type of kimono can be for everyone from beginners to the kimono-savvy. We can propose a suitable okeikogi for your rehearsal practice.


-Accessories & Equipmentsginzaenzo

Rikyu Bag Yoso Bag Sandals Rain gear Coat
Haori String Obi Dome Dressing Tool Festival Goods Overseas souvenirs

You can upgrade your kimono with accessories. Rikyu bag full of our original goods and sandals are known for being casual as well as formal. We strive to have a large selection of reasonable accessories to accommodate various styles.